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Food Photographer

Our studio regularly undertakes food photography projects for restaurant menus, brochures and websites. We normally do these projects at Client locations so it is convenient for the kitchen and the food is at it’s freshest. We can also include subtle themes from your restaurant in the images giving your customers a flavour of the interior decor.

We bring all the necessary lighting equipment with us and will meet you before the day to plan the shoot and the images. We can arrange a shoot 7 days a week and prefer to work on a day your restaurant is closed or in the mornings. This is because the lighting set-up takes up a lot of room and it allows us to use all areas of the restaurant.

Once we have captured all the food photographer images we will send you a Contact Sheet of all the best images captured on the day. From here you can select the ones you want and we will do some post production on them to enhance the colour and detail in the images.

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