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LinkedIn Photos

LinkedIn Photos taken professionally for your online persona. These images tend to be less formal than Company Headshots as you are looking to show your personality in a more casual but professional way. Facial expressions tend to be more natural looking and a smile always goes a long way. The type of work or industry you work in will often dictate the clothing you wear. We provide onsite changing rooms for clothing changes and we recommend you bring a number of different outfits on the day.

Our Photographers use a number of different backdrops to add colour and texture to your linkedIn photos at our Studio in Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Please note we can’t provide hair and make-up services and you can pop in at lunchtime any day midweek or evenings up to 7pm.

The price is €79 including 1 x medium digital image which we will email to you.

Any additional images are just €20ea.

The photography shoot lasts roughly 45 minutes and includes the following:

1) The Photoshoot

2) Photo Review

3) Photo Editing

Contact us to make an appointment Here

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