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Product Photographer

Our product photographer Studio is based in Temple Bar, Dublin City where we work with a number of high profile Retailers and Clients throughout Ireland. We provide product images ranging from clothing, handbags, fabrics and footwear through to wedding stationary.

We have a dedicated Studio set-up with the latest product photography equipment to ensure the highest quality. And because we really understand websites, we can prepare your images to look great while not slowing down your website load time.

Drop off your items personally and stay for the shoot or book a Courier to deliver the items to us in our Studio. Once all items have been photographed, we will send you a contact sheet so you can choose your favourite images. We will then edit them to your size requirements and send them to you or your Website team.

On average most photoshoots take 5 days from start to finish. This can vary depending on the type and complexity of the shots you want. Our rates are very reasonable with no hidden extras or studio hire fees – you just pay per finished image!


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